Wednesday, 25 February 2015

March is almost here!

March is next week!  I'm so happy to be almost done with February.  I need to get outside!!  And for more than just a run to the barn, to the train or to the car.  I need a good, long walk outside in the forest without having to worry about snowmobilers, with the sun shining and with less than 3 layers of clothing on to keep warm.

My month in pictures.
Bannock.  Have you ever made it?  SO delicious.  Lots of home made soup and dates with my favorite people, my girls.  

My homemade pizza

Clean stalls, sleep, repeat

A nice little treat last weekend.  There was an indoor hot tub and pool as well but we came up here at night and there was music playing and video's playing on that big screen...and Toronto at night.  Magic.  

Lots and lots of veggies in my life right now.  This was my attempt at a crock pot veggie curry.  I made way too much.  

Monday, 9 February 2015


Well hello February, my least favorite month of the year.  While everyone is waxing poetic about cozy winter activities this is the reality of February in Canada.  Travel was cancelled, dinner plans cancelled, I worried about my husband driving 10 hours in the snow and I handled all the chores myself on Saturday.  My husband usually lets the horses out in the morning and I help him clean the stalls in the evening and put the horses to bed, collect the eggs and close up the barn for the night but Saturday it was just Murph and I.  Then Sunday came and along with it more snow, ice rain and lots of plowing..digging out the plow...calling neighbors to dig the truck out of the snow.. all in -20 degree weather.  It is the shortest month of the winter and also the longest.  We will have gorgeous sunny days with -26 degree temperatures.  We put towels at the bottom of the doors, dress in layers and scarves inside the house, and have space heaters going in every room even with the furnace going.  Did I mention its also very dry?  Warming up the car is a necessity before going anywhere which means running outside 15 mins before you are ready to leave to jump in a frigid car and hope that it starts again.  Returning from work means clearing of and then getting into a frigid, snow (and sometimes ice) covered car and shivering while it warms up.  And don't forget your gloves...that steering wheel will numb your hands in seconds.  I've almost wiped out on snow and slush a number of times already. So don't mind me if I'm not all aglow with February.  Bring on spring!

To brighten a cold, snowy day

We had a snow day Monday last Monday.  Well at least my kids did, I was crazy enough to head to work.  After a three hour commute I arrived safe and sound at the office.  Brownie points people.

I'm taking a page today from one of my favorite farm blog authors.  I had been reading this blog years ago...years before we moved to a farm.  I guess I too have Barn Heart because why else would this corporate girl be reading homesteading blogs?  Here is Jenna's website:  Although I suspect anyone reading this is familiar with it already.  And here are some pictures of summer on our farm which are intended to brighten up this February funk and help us look forward to all the sunlight and summer ahead.

Updated with pictures!!!

Insert pictures of green grass and flowers here.  I'm having trouble uploading pictures onto my blog.  I've tried several times and it just hangs.  I'm using Google Chrome and I've tried IE as well.  So until I figure this out, no pictures.  Which makes for bland blog posts if you ask me but I'd rather have bland blog posts than none at all.  Have a great day!