Wednesday, 11 June 2014

I'm still here

I'm checking in just to say "I'm still here."  I think about this blog everyday but it's been a busy time of year for me.  Even my garden isn't getting as much attention as I'd like.  And my family?  They've been wonderfully accommodating to my work and travel schedule.  Tonight it's only one night away from home but last week I was away Friday to Sunday.  This weekend I promised my youngest that we will move her into her own room.  My room just needs one more coat of paint - which I'll do Friday night - and Saturday we'll move everyone around.  Next week I'm away again from Wednesday to Saturday and then in 2 more weeks I have a week's vacation.  It's all very good and exciting except my mind is not on the farm these days but miles and miles away at other places.  I'm trying to post Thursdays of "in my kitchen" blog link up but I'm not in the kitchen much.  The last thing I made were some brownies that turned out quite - bland.  And my Friday "this moment" was not done last week either.  I will get back on track this week - promise!  Have a wonderful Wednesday.

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