Thursday, 16 April 2015

Seeds and gardening

We've had a few warm days here which have been spent mostly outside cleaning up the mess the winter leaves.  The husband and I walked around the property talking about what needed doing and in what order.  We decided our first project would be to take down a tree which was hanging over the garden.  It took all of 5 mins for DH to saw through the tree and another 10 to saw it up into manageable pieces.  Then the real work came, moving all the pieces of a 30 foot tree off the garden so it could be tilled.  I took that job while DH started tilling.  Once I piled the logs and moved most of the branches off the garden I decided to take a look at all of the seeds I had picked up from the co-op. 

Funny story - last year I bought seeds from a catalog and had to pay shipping.  This year DH mentioned that the co-op had seeds and why didn't I buy them there?  So I went to the co-op and I bought seeds...and then spend $20 on other stuff that we didn't exactly need.  We'll see next year if he complains about the shipping.  ;')

After I got the garden cleaned out I looked over my co-op seeds and discovered I could plant some of them in April.  The forecast called for sun, rain, sun, rain and I though that despite it being a little early I was going to plant!  I ended up planting carrots, rainbow chard, onions and beets.  If you read this blog last year you would know that I under planted and under weeded and under planned.  This year I'm being ambitious.  I'm going to plant ALL the veggies and see what happens.  I still have my basil, tomato, hot pepper, green pepper and kale seedlings to plant and I will be starting cabbage, eggplant, watermelon, cucumber, zucchini, lettuce, pumpkins and green beans this week.

Other than that I need a new clothes line - mine bit the dust and we keep forgetting to pick up a new one.  We adopted a barn cat who was supposed to be social but is pretty unsocial but we keep trying!  And we thought long and hard about getting turkeys this year...and decided against it. 

Sorry no pics again - same issue with the upload freezing up.  I'll try again another day. 

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