Thursday, 4 June 2015

Garden update!

I'm over it I swear but the scars remain.  I lost almost every single one of my seedlings I so lovingly raised indoors in March and April to a frost.  I even went out and covered them in sheets but I still lost sixteen hot pepper plants, 4 pepper plants and three tomato plants.  Guess what I didn't lose...the kale!  I had to replace them all with store bought plants which any gardener can understand how completely annoying that is...all that time...But easily replaceable at least.

The story of my beets.  I love beets.  I'll put them in juices, roast them, pickle them, put them in salads - they are delicious.  But I haven't grown a single one yet.  Yes, beets have eluded me so far - last year I direct seeded them in the soil - nothing.  This year I planted them too soon (in April - before the last frost) and they didn't come up.  I've planted another round - mid May.  Then we had 2 weeks of no rain so we've been watering and watering and I'm just hoping they come up this time.

We planted corn this year and it's coming up!  And I'm trying to grow watermelon.  And 5 extra kale plants - I had 3 last year and it was more than enough for me but I'll share with friends and family.  My onions are coming up although are still the size of baby blades of grass.  I see some rainbow chard, the carrots, nothing from the parsnips.  My pepper plants don't seem to be growing at all but I'm hopeful that they are...I'm doing red and green peppers.  Some squash type plant is coming up but I didn't mark each mound so it will be a surprise.  ha.  It's cucumber, pumpkin, squash, zucchini or watermelon!  And the cabbage plants I bought seem healthy.  I'm very happy so many things are coming up and also a little worried that I'll lose it all because I don't water it enough or we have another frost..gardens are such delicate things.  I am on top of the weeds so far and have decided not to take a vacation away this year so I can STAY on top of them.  Happy gardening everyone!

Alas, sorry no pics again.  I will have to try to post from home one of these days - but work is the only place I actually sit down!

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  1. I can definitely relate about having to replace something with store bought plants! I did that this year with my tomatoes. Sounds like your garden is doing really well and that you should have a wonderful harvest. :)