Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Home office

I am one of those thankful souls that has a corporate job downtown but who also gets to work from home.  In the past, this has meant for me sitting at the kitchen table with my coffee and my glass of water looking into the kitchen and watching the day unfold.  Kids, husband and dog going out and in and me at my perch, typing away and taking phone calls.  Sometimes this means I'm taking a conference call and the dog starts barking.  Or the kids come in from school yelling while I'm on the phone with my boss.  Or my husband wants to sit and chat while I'm in the middle of an email.  We recently added a bathroom upstairs and our old house went from a 4 bedroom house to a three bedroom house with a nice sized closet / office.  The bathroom has only been finished for 2 weeks so the adjacent bedroom is still holding screens from two of the windows, the flooring that was pulled up and it needs a paint job.  But I moved in anyway and I have my own home office, finally.  And this is my view.

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