Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Quiet solitude

One of the things I enjoy most about our farm is the quiet.  I grew up on an island, yes quite a big island, in the middle of a lake.  There were lakes on that island and we lived next to one.  My mom made her own bread, bakes beans, chow chow, pickled beets and mustard beans.  My brother and I played in streams, old barns, apple orchards and rode our bikes everywhere we could.  I don't know how many miles we traveled to see friends but for the most part we only had each other.  And it was quiet at night.  During the days we listened to the sounds of nature.  There were rarely motor boats on our lake 30 years ago (oh how that has changed).  I'm so happy to be back to the quiet.  To sleep at night with nothing waking me but occasionally the furnace coming on while I'm in a lighter slumber.  That no one comes to our door offering services.  That we can sit outside in the afternoons, in the sunshine, with nothing in our view but the tree's and the sky.

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