Thursday, 1 May 2014


The sky last Sunday 

Sunday's at the farm are my favorite day.  We try not to schedule any travel or visitor's that day and I find myself waking early and looking forward to all the work I'll get done.  Last Sunday was no exception, I got up early, baked a cheese bread from a Betty Crocker recipe card, went out to the chickens for a visit and to pick up the morning eggs and then, after cleaning up the kitchen, I headed outside for the day.  It was a lovely, sunny day last Sunday.  I cleaned out my poor car whose interior has been beat up from a hard winter of commuting, kids and dust.  I packed a lunch for two little girls who wanted to explore the pastures around our house.
I shoveled up buckets of branches that were strewn all over the property and since it was perfect day for a burn, I started a fire in our fire pit.  The wind coming from the north and blowing the smoldering leaves and branches between the house and the workshop and not toward the house and the barn which to me are perfect conditions.
I sat down and smiled.  This is living.

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