Monday, 18 August 2014

Weekending and August garden

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend!  Ours was quite busy on Saturday but then I dropped off the girls at my brother's house Saturday night and had a quiet Sunday on the farm with just my husband and I.  With all that free time you would think I would have done a lot of cooking but I didn't all I made was the kale and bean soup mentioned in my previous post (SO delish, I'm having it for lunch today).  Instead I cleaned up the gardens around the house and did laundry.  August has slowed down things at work - thankfully - and I'm finally feeling I've got a good flow going with the garden.  Our plan is to cover the unused half of the big garden with straw (we had a huge straw delivery last weekend) to keep the weeds at bay.  I've tied up my celery into bunches, taken out the lettuce and cleaned up the tomato plants.  I realised too late that I had not been diligent enough with taking the suckers off the tomatoes and so they aren't doing too great - they are covered in tomatoes but some of the plants have yellowed a bit.  Our zucchini's are regularly producing which is nice and our pumpkins and acorn squash are doing great.  The green beans and sugar snap peas are looking good but sadly my peppers are not.  I'm drying the onions right now.  Sadly my flowering gardens are almost kaput for the season, I'm waiting for the last of the hosta's and sedum to flower and I think that's it.  I am hoping my mum's come back and the zinnia's I planted are beautiful.  So pretty and easy to grow, I will plant those again.  I am looking forward to canning something and I'm hoping it's green beans and tomato sauce.  

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