Thursday, 24 April 2014

It's been a crazy week.

What a busy week it's been at work!  I've had barely a chance to check the blogs I like to read - never mind updating my own!  I'm exhausted.  But today I work from home - which I haven't done in quite a while.  And it's so nice and quiet.  No one coming to my desk and interrupting my work, nice sunny day.  Good to be home.
Looking for treasure with the metal detector

Easter Weekend was lovely too.  I took an extra day off so had 4 days at home with the family.  We didn't host a dinner or go anywhere this year - which was really nice actually.  We did have some company stop in and enjoy a bonfire and I dog sat my aunt's yellow lab, much to Murphy's enjoyment.
Wanna play wanna play wanna play wanna play?  How about now?

I planted my tomato seeds about a week ago and they are sprouting nicely and I should be planting peppers soon too.  The garden is tilled and waiting, it is a beautiful thing.  I have lists on lists of things I want to get done around here.  Most of the raking is done around the property and the grass is getting greener everyday.  After the winter we had, I'm not wasting a single second of time outside while the weather is fair.
Think I'll sit here for a while

I think our little chicks are about ready to be transferred to the barn.  They are getting so big and most of their feathers are in now.  They are messy and hungry creatures.  We clean out their pen twice a day and refill their food at least 3 times a day.  My favorite thing about them are their eyes.  Usually animal eyes give me the heebie jeepies - even the horses and dog's eyes and especially goat eyes - but the chicks eyes don't.  Go figure.  So I'm off to help the hubby with some chores now - over my lunch break :).  Have a great day.

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  1. you're really due for a good warm season, and sounds like the garden, the property and the chicks (and you, no doubt) are already ready for it!