Monday, 7 April 2014

Looking ahead

The snow is melting!  We have plus temperatures!  These things make me very happy.  The chicks are growing fast and the thaw is showing me all the work that is coming up in the spring.  It's going to be hard to be away from the farm in the spring and summer, which I don't mind.  I miss the place when I'm not there.  I encountered this yesterday....we had a nice, sunny day, a day where a lot of work could get done outside and in the barn comfortably.  I had the girls and we were out on a movie and get our nails done date.  As I was sitting in the movie theater I kept thinking was of how much I wanted to be at home doing stuff, not just sitting there.  But the girls need time away from the farm and they miss their old friends so we were in the city instead.
Maddy matched her nails to her outfit.

This spring has already uncovered a lot of downed branches, large a small that will need to be cleaned up.  Lots of dog poo that - because he has full run of the property - is everywhere.  I tried to keep on top of it but realistically - he would go and it would snow and cover it - repeat 20 times and add a layer of ice from an ice storm right before Christmas.  Suffice to say - there is a lot of raking in my future.  And the baby chicks have almost out grown their bin and will soon need a bigger space to stay.  Oh these chicks have been so much fun.  I always know if something is amiss - someone has escaped, the water is tipped over, they are out of food, because the peeping gets quite loud.  And my mom ears caught on pretty quickly to those distress peeps. We want to rip up the carpeting on the stairs, put up drywall in the mud room and oh yeah, there is a garden to plant.  And a barn and pasture to clean out.  I find these days - these in between days where it's not yet quite spring, where the snow isn't completely melted off the grass and barely at all from the pastures - that I'm doing a lot of looking ahead, thinking of the work that will need to get done.  And I'm doing it with a smile.
My sugar snap peas and enjoying all of this sunshine.  Some of the branches for clean up in the background.  

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