Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Busiest summer ever

One of the things we worried about when moving a hour out of the city was whether and how often we would see our friends.  It turns out that we are busy all the time with people stopping by, coming for dinner, spending the night and popping in.  They are enchanted by this place as much as we were when we came here the first time.  A house on a hill, next to a barn, surrounded by trees and nature, what's not to like about visiting here?  In fact, I'm often over booked on the weekends which causes my better half to give me "the look."  I can't help it, I love having the visitors.  Even with my busy work schedule, I'll take the time to make a cake or a potato salad for their visit while I tidy up again and try to make this old farm house presentable and clutter free.  It's not easy with two little girls home for the summer and a hubby who is more often outside than inside but we make it work.  This summer I've had to travel for work, stay in the city for events, attend a wedding and had visitors almost every weekend.  My garden has suffered a bit (although I do enjoy those visitors who come to work and send them promptly over to the garden to weed) - I still haven't found my cucumbers, I'm sure something ate my spinach and my green peppers are decidedly NOT happy.  But this is all part of the learning process with gardening as Soulemama always says.  So today I work from home and on my lunch break will run to town for potatoes - for potato salad - and host more friends for dinner - on a Tuesday night, why not - and enjoy this wonderful summer full of visitors and gardening which are very nicely balancing my very busy corporate life.
Welcome friends!

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