Monday, 14 July 2014

Back from vacation

Oh I had so many grand plans to blog and be online during this vacation and it simply did not happen.  I brought my ipad but never once picked it up for work or pleasure.  We visited with friends and family and generally just ate / drank / played and slept and it was wonderful.  I came home to a garden full of weeds and a solitary beet and some kale and lettuce that were ready for harvesting.  My bush beans, spinach, second planting of lettuce and sugar snap peas are coming up nicely.  I can't find my cucumbers and my green peppers are doing very poorly so I hope the new seedlings I am growing will do better.  A few pics of my favorite moments last week:
Bon fires
Time at the beach
Lots of swimming
Sunset walks with the dog
Hikes with friends
A birthday on a rainy Tuesday
Muskoka - Murph's first time in a lake
Home again

And back to reality with a big smile on my face.  Happy Monday!

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