Monday, 1 December 2014


This is not a word that frightens me.  I went through so many changes up to the age of 12, I don't feel content unless there is a big change going on and turning everything upside down.  Funny though, it too me years to figure that out.  I bought my first house, got married, had a baby and completely renovated the house all in 5 years.  I left my full time, permanent job to take on a 6 month contract that had me working closer to home.  I turned down a full time, permanent job offer to work contract for a year with the promise that a permanent job would be mine in the end (it was).  I moved my family twice in one year so we could live on this lovely farm.  I know I can embrace change.  And things have been become a bit too day to day lately.  Not mundane (Danny nearly knocked me unconscious on the weekend swinging his head toward his oats bucket as I walked by with it - rookie move) but everyday I wake up and know what the day will bring.  My husband and I have gotten settled nicely into our new fall / winter routines so I'm about to shake it up.  I'm on a 28 day clean eating program.  It's also a pretty hard core exercise schedule - 6 days a week.  What's life without a little challenge?  Today is my first day and I know it's going to be one of the hardest things I've ever done.  Most of the food on the program is stuff I eat anyway, I only had to buy greek yogurt!  And I steamed kale instead of roasting it - delicious!  It's the exercise part that scares me a bit - I haven't done a proper push up in years and tonight I have to do 15.  And I am going to miss my processed food, I'm not going to lie.  This will not become a fitness blog but I will post updates.  Please send me your positive vibes and wishes.  

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  1. Oh giving up processed foods aren't too bad! Just gotta find all the good recipes to make your own healthier goodies. :)