Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Fall at the Farm

We are enjoying our second fall at the farm tremendously.  Especially now that we have the added benefit of using our own home grown food.  Last fall and winter you may remember me lamenting about not having a growing season to save up stores in our larder.  Well our first garden year wasn't all we expected it would be.  I didn't plant early enough or heartily enough and therefore our biggest success has been the squash.  We ended up with a volunteer spaghetti squash plant, a very hearty acorn squash plant, a shy butternut squash plant (only 3 so far), an overshadowed zucchini plant, a lost - then found - then mowed over cucumber plant...and one that did survive.  Not nearly enough green beans, no carrots (what was I thinking??), not nearly enough beets or onions.  The kale was abundant and the celery is still growing and we had 5 pumpkins grow that we didn't even plant.  The raspberry bushes have been very generous.  We are already talking about our garden next year and what we will change and add.

As usual I've been doing a lot of cooking and bread making.  The focaccia bread I made I would not recommend - was tasty fresh out of the oven but hard as a rock an hour later.  I've made butternut squash soup and roasted squash and cakes that were eaten so fast I forgot to get a picture.  

We worked really hard this last weekend to get the barn ready for winter...major clean up, chicken coop scrubbed, hay re-stacked, straw swept up.

It's been drizzly and dark and I am actually looking forward to winter and the snugness it brings.  But first we have Thanksgiving - which is this weekend for us - and one more bon fire I hope... at least.  

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