Tuesday, 30 September 2014


I was inspired to write about this topic after reading the comments on one of my favorite blogs - soulemama.  Folks were asking her how she "does it all" and does it well...and does so much.  I have to admit, I've often wondered that about Amanda but I find it inspiring, not discouraging which is what I think was happening for a few others.  We have to look at all she does objectively I think.  Of course you are only going to see the beauty and perfection of her days, her life is her business.  I only have 2 kids and everyday is a balance of need, want and necessity.  I need to make lunches, go grocery shopping, work and eat.  I have to feed the animals.  I want to shower and shop and the weather doesn't always cooperate with the work that needs to get done at the farm.  But it is always fun.  And even if you are bone tired and un-showered the rest of the day - it's worth it.  So after working from home today I helped cover a neighbors pool with a leaf guard, moved the horses over to our pasture, made and ate dinner, pulled out my dying tomato plants and sun flowers, loaded hay into the back of the truck and brought it down to the garden to cover the strawberries, fed the chickens and collected the eggs, did dishes, collected the blankets off the line, showered the kids, filled out forms for school, put the kids to bed and then sat down to write this post on my iphone before bed.  Usually (always?) we have dirty dishes next to the sink and the laundry is never completely done.  TV?  Nope.  Up at 5:30 am to start again.  If this farm has taught me anything it's how to make the most of your time and energy.  Which is why I get how Amanda does it.  It's not easy but if you like a good, honest day of work - it is a good life.

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