Friday, 7 November 2014


I write today from my kitchen table.  I'm in jeans, socks, a long sleeve shirt with a t-shirt on top.  Warmth is something I do not associate with a big drafty farm house in winter.  I go to bed with a duvet and a comforter and when I wake up I put on slippers, grab my clothes and make a dash to the bathroom for a hot shower.  We've worked out ways of staying warm in this house - taking your clothes with you to the bathroom is one of them!  Thankfully the house has all new windows and that does seem to help keep the warmth in.  Last year we didn't heat the mud room that joins the outside to the kitchen.  It's a 10'x12' room and it was so cold all last winter that we had to shovel off it's roof.  This year there is a little heater blowing in the mud room and it's making a nice difference.  And we have the electric fireplace going in the living room as well.  We don't have a wood stove so we heat our house with an oil furnace.  It's not the most economical ways to heat but it's what we have.  There are other ways to stay warm - lots of home cooking, a walk with the dog, warm slippers, wool sweaters, hot chocolate, layers of clothing and lets not forget all the work that needs to get done around here.  Only 6 more months of this to go!  So until the snow melts, stay warm my friends.

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