Monday, 3 November 2014

Almost there....

The farm is almost ready for winter - and good thing too.  It's November and we had our first bit of snow on the weekend.  Last weekend we scrubbed out the chicken coop.  Our chicken coop is inside the barn in a room that is 15'x15'.  We usually use wood chips for the floor and straw in the nesting box but my husband wanted to try out a new product called flax stock.  It's a bit more expensive that wood chips but it's better for the chicken's and us, it repels water and it spread very nicely.  Not to mention is smelled really nice and is keeping the chicken coop fresh smelling longer.  I should note that fresh smelling and chicken coop are not something I would ever put in the same sentence but it's all relative people.  lol.

We also cleaned the windows and swept down the cobwebs in the stables.  The only thing left to do is rake up all the leaves.  ALL THE LEAVES.  Our driveway and side yard is bordered by 6 gorgeous maple trees.  So far I've filled 10 bags with leaves and my husband thinks we'll need to fill another 30.  We've been mowing and blowing and the tree's pictured below?  Still full of leaves waiting to fall.

I've been making soups, using up all the kale and making stock.  Big trays of roasted veggies and crock pots full of meat are on the menu lately.  My big wool sweater has been pulled out and I'm off tonight to hunt for new winter boots and warm socks for my girls.  I'll be back Thursday to post all the food I've been making.  

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