Friday, 7 March 2014

And then he ate...

This dog of ours, my goodness we love him.  He is a big, sweet baby still, only 6 months old.  I've been working from home a lot this week and he follows me upstairs to my office everyday and is a complete distraction.  He jumps on my bed (Murphy down!), grabs the kids toys (Murphy bring it!), tries to eat everything in sight (Murphy leave it!), and brings me all sorts of things he find that he know's he isn't allowed to have.  God love him he's into everything.  Yesterday he brought me two stuffed animals, a compact mirror, a barbie jacket, a magnet and ate a receipt before I could get it from him.  I do enjoy his company and snuggles when he finally stops but boy is he a handful!
You don't actually need to work at home do you mom?  I'll keep you off that computer.  

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