Monday, 24 March 2014

Weekend warrior

What a lovely weekend!  It was cold but we had lots of sunshine and our new BBQ was delivered so I had a smile plastered on my face all weekend.  We had steak Saturday night which is rare in my house and then steak and eggs Sunday.
The double yolk isn't from our girls - grocery bought.

The chickens are starting to produce more eggs everyday so I will soon be able to stop buying them again.  With 19 hens I'm sure we'll have more than enough for friends and neighbors as well.  We integrated the 10 new hens into the existing 9.  So far the new ones are steering clear of the older ladies.  We've all been out checking on them over the weekend and everyone still has all their feathers.  
This girl "escaped" from our temporary pen in the coop and stayed well away from the others.
"This is my turf"

Our little group of baby chicks are doing well.  Their current mission is to escape the rubbermaid bin.  The girls and I are having fun collecting the lady bugs and flies we find and feeding to the troop.  They tear them apart in seconds, it's quite funny how excited they get.  
"Got bugs?"

And last but not least an update on my Sugar Snap peas - they are doing well!  I am so glad they sprouted as this gave me confidence to start my tomatoes and peppers.  

Other than a couple of hair cuts and getting a room painted, that was my weekend.  Can I just say, I'm so glad the sun is out later in the evenings?  I don't mind leaving for work while it's still dark when I get to look forward to coming home to the light.  
I will never tire of this view.

Back to the grind!  

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