Saturday, 1 March 2014

Home preserving

This beauty was given to me by a friend last September when we moved in.  It seemed a long way away at the time to having my own garden so I shelved it.  Last night after I made my seed order I pulled it out to read about the basics of home preserving.  This book starts off with an introduction to how preserving is done and the different types of preserves you can make - pickles, chutney's, jelly's, jams and sauces.  But it also gives you much more than that, soup and stew fillings, ice cream recipe's and wine and cordial recipe's.  No, this isn't a sponsored post!  I just wanted to tell you how great this book is.  Some of the recipes that I will try are pickled carrots, beets and zucchini but there are so many more in here - the book is
very inspiring!  Coq au Vin, ratatouille, cassoulet are a few recipe's I've never tried and this book makes them look easy.  I look forward to sharing my experiences this summer as my garden grows and I try my hand at preserving some of the delicious food we are growing.

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