Thursday, 6 March 2014

Pictures to warm us on this 6th day of March

Today is my husband's birthday.  He said he can't remember his birthday ever being this cold.  But he got up this morning with a smile and a whistle on his lips and started his day without a complaint.  He's a great guy and he loves us dearly and we him.  We are both tired of this snow, of the cold, of having the horses indoors. We made our chicken order yesterday, 10 ready to lay chickens and 2 chicks.  We've never raised chicks before so this was our safest bet.  I may even order 1-2 more chicks in case one of them dies and leaves one child without a chicken to raise.  We've been reading about pecking order and how to integrate the new chickens and chicks into our current brood.  And of course this makes me think of spring.  Have a great day everyone!

This last one is the stalls, fully cleaned and scrubbed, ready for winter.

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