Monday, 15 September 2014

Country fairs and fall gardens

My oldest daughter and I went to our local fair on the last day of it's run.  I missed the farmers market and only saw a few animals so I promised next year we would go on the Saturday from start to finish.  We did see our first smash up derby, some calf's, had fresh lemonade a beaver tail and french fries.  We also looked at all of the winning vegetables, quilts, baked goods, art, photography and preserves.  There was a blacksmith there and chain saw competitions.  My girl won 4th place for her art work and we talked about submitting our best vegetables for next year's fair.  It was a great day.
Tractors - pic taken from ferris wheel

My garden is almost done for the season...just the sunflowers, raspberries, kale, pumpkins, celery and squash to go.  On the weekend I swept out the bottom of the barn and cleared up the cobwebs.  Cleared all the weeds out of my perennial gardens, hacked down some weeds around the raspberry bushes and mowed the lawn.  Our weekends are so busy right now and they are about to get busier when the leaves start falling.  I'm happy to report that I can't see any of the leaves changing yet and the weather report says it is getting warmer next week.  Just when we thought fall had settled in we get another little dose of summer, just the way it should be!

Have a great week!

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