Thursday, 25 September 2014

In my kitchen

A bit more canning - this time spicy green beans.  Up next when I can find the time - carrots!  My "work from home lunch" of spinach, zucchini (from my garden), mushrooms and lots of ranch dressing.  Fresh baked bread is a staple around here every week.  I found a simple recipe for butter tarts that worked out well.....they lasted 2 days in my house.  And a little obsession I had for a week when my friend brought me fresh grape tomatoes and basil...add feta and voila a nice light snack.  This week I'm making focaccia bread for the first time.


  1. I can almost catch the whiff of your delicious-looking bread! What a lovely week in your kitchen.

  2. That bread looks amazing. I can almost smell it. Good look with the focaccia...I hope you share an image of that next week.
    Happy bread baking.

  3. I'm a total fool for the tomato, basil, feta combination too. :)